Student Car Rentals in Los Angeles, California

At Bundy Underage Rent-A-Car, in Los Angeles, California, we specialize in underage car rentals. We have low cost car rentals for students between the ages of 17 up to 25 years of age. Since 1985 our car rental company has been the best alternative for cheap car rentals for young adults.
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Tour our beautiful city in a professionally maintained vehicle that features important extras including GPS navigation. In addition to this great navigational feature, our experts will always be available to help you find your way around our area. This is an extremely valuable service because of how different our region is.

We urge all drivers to obey the speed limits and law associated with the California DMV.
Woman Looking Through Car Side Mirror - Bundy Motors in Los Angeles, CA
Contact us for your car rental in Los Angeles, LAX airport or Santa Monica areas.

When renting a car from Bundy Underage Rent-A-Car, our staff will spend the extra time to educate our young drivers on driving in Los Angeles.